“Openness, trustlessness and strong governance are the foundations that will enable digital assets to flourish in today’s highly complex and regulated financial world. We’re making this vision a reality by partnering with leading players from across the industry.”

Hugh Madden, Co-Founder OAX Foundation

Our Mission

Right from the start, our mission has been to bring digital asset adoption to the mainstream, based on the principles of openness, trustlessness and strong governance.

As it stands, the industry is held back by significant challenges around speed and scalability.

By applying the latest technologies, we have developed solutions that overcome these challenges and create an environment that will allow the mainstream adoption of digital assets to occur.

Coupled with partnerships with service providers in areas such as trade surveillance and Know Your Customer, we aim to create the stepping stone to help make digital assets an accepted and valued part of the global financial system.

White Paper

Centralized exchanges are inherently opaque and closed systems with limited visibility of security and access protocols, while the first generation of decentralized exchanges fail to adequately provide liquidity and trade volume for users. This white paper outlines a clear pathway to a new, significantly improved solution.

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Our Partners

To bring about change, or to overcome any significant challenges, industry collaboration is key. This is why we have partnered with some of the leading technology companies and innovation labs who share our vision of a digital asset industry based on principles of openness, trustlessness and strong governance. By working together, we will create an environment that brings digital assets to the fore of the global financial system.

Corporate Support

OAX Foundation is supported on events, research and other initiatives by a number of firms.


A brief timeline of the Foundation's milestones

  • Jun 2016

    White Paper

    openANX - Real World Application of Decentralized Exchanges

  • Jul 2017

    OAX Token Sale

    Token sale for the OAX token is launched

  • Jun 2018

    DEX Prototype

    OAX Foundation in partnership with Enuma Technologies showcases the prototype of it's DEX, using the 0x protocol.

  • Dec 2018

    1000 Transactions per Second!

    OAX and Enuma have been working on a Layer 2 protocol to overcome blockchain performance and demonstrated our latest work with a single node demonstrating over 1000 transactions per second!

  • Jan 2019

    DEX hits the testnet

    We deployed our current iteration of the DEX (built using a high throughput Layer 2 protocol) on the Rinkeby Testnet

  • Jun 2019

    L2X Protocol specification

    The Layer 2 Exchange Protocol specification is published to the public.

  • Aug 2019

    L2X Protocol source code

    OAX Foundation has today released the code for its Layer 2 Exchange (L2X) protocol, marking the completion of a major milestone for the project.

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