Parachain Features Open Source Code Released

Since the inception of OAX Foundation, it’s been our mission to devote our resources to furthering decentralized finance and digital assets. As a foundation, the team has been committed to providing support within this space, not just working on the tools and technology through coding, but also working hand-in-hand with the community. And in the spirit of decentralization and sharing with the community, we’re pleased to announce that the code for the five features that would benefit parachains on the Polkadot network will be open sourced and available on our github page!

We began early this year by announcing that we’d be working on the Polkadot network. With its alignment of addressing key issues such as tackling interoperability with a scalable network and shared security, the team saw the Polkadot network as an opportunity to open doors to a whole slew of possibilities in the digital asset market.

But this market requires input from the largest community to become successful, and hence the need for open source code and ongoing feedback to take it to the next level. As we continue to develop our technology, we turn to our peers for advice, feedback and insights. So do have a look through and always come back to us with any thoughts you might have on how to improve our code.

For the open source code and instructions on how to run the blockchain from scratch, visit: Github

We encourage you to review our contributions and of course as always welcome any feedback with respect to approach or code improvements.