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About OAX

OAX Foundation set out in 2017 with the conviction that decentralized finance and digital assets would be an integral part of the future of mainstream finance and commerce. The Foundation’s deep-seated beliefs for the collaborative nature of decentralized finance has served as a basis of engagement for working with key players in the space to explore and push the potential of technology.

Our Mission
As a Foundation, we believe in growing and contributing to the industry however we can; not just via technology development but also community and ecosystem support. In early 2024, we’ve successfully launched the OAX Academy initiative to further provide newcomers and existing users of the digital assets space with useful resources, support and guides. Read on below to see the full scope of our Foundation's mission, values and work.
our mission
Blockchain Technology
From the very beginning of OAX Foundation’s inception, we’ve placed the highest regard to promoting the technology that is required for digital assets to flourish. While roadmaps and timelines constantly shift, we believe that the work often needs to be offered with transparency, ensuring that it’s being driven in the right direction and with the feedback of the community.

The launch of our latest Notifs app pulls information available from blockchain and in the public domain to consolidate and provide relevant information to your specific portfolio. You can also link to our Github page to review the open source work that has been done in the past for OAX Layer 2 Protocol (L2X) and the feature development for parachins in the Polkadot Network.
our mission
DeFi Ecosystem  Advancement
What the end goal looks like for digital assets remains unknown, and to spell it out may do a disservice of limiting its potential. OAX Foundation believes that the journey for digital assets includes DeFi and have been working to support its development.

Through working on features developing for the Polkadot Network, to working with like minded industry institutions, DeFi remains the promise of the industry, and will open doors to many future features.

Learn more about the potential of DeFi in some of our thought pieces.
our mission
Our Community and
Industry Support
From attending events as speakers, evaluating proposals that may align with our vision, to sponsoring industry reports and research, OAX Foundation believes in the necessity of building a strong ecosystem for the digital asset industry.

OAX Foundation always has their door open to hear from parties that share alignment in our values and have ideas on how we can further integrate decentralization into the digital asset age.

Overarching areas that the Foundation does focus on as part of their considerations:

1) DeFi Driven Values
2) Solid Track-Record and Expertise
3) Range of OAX support (Expertise, Utility)
4) Economical Resourcing
5) Addressing Key Industry Challenges

If you’re interested in speaking to OAX, contact us. Information about some past work can be seen on our Resources and News page.
our mission
Building Tools
As the space evolves and the market matures to offer comparable options from traditional financial ecosystems, the need to develop technology and address the limitations of this new industry is imperative to its success. 2022 demonstrated the need to take ownership of your assets, and the strengths that DeFi can in the digital asset industry. We continue to strive to bring tools that leverage decentralization and working with partners to drive a stronger use case.
our mission
OAX Academy
At the core of our foundation, one of our goals is to provide newcomers and users of the space with support and knowledge. Hence, OAX Academy was created to lower the barrier of entry into the digital assets ecosystem with regular support articles, guides, and industry know-hows to help our community better navigate the ever-changing environment.

If you would like to also contribute to this growing space, please reach out to us via any of our channels! To stay updated with OAX Academy's content rollouts, please follow us on our Social Media channels and subscribe to the OAX Foundation Newsletter.
our mission