Welcome Notifs!

We’re excited to announce the launch of our latest project: Notifs!

Many people often aren’t as careful as they ought to be when they join the digital asset community. Many have their funds sitting in a single centralized exchange wallet. And of course, we can understand the appeal: it’s easy. Others may often rely on a multitude of apps to keep track of their assets plus different apps to track their notifications, while some might not keep track at all. Even then, a lot of us will refer back to that good ‘ole excel spreadsheet used to keep notes and to tally the ins and outs of transactions.

We wanted to create a mobile app for ourselves and the community that would be easy to track our portfolio on the go. From adding in transactions, to seeing broad analytics of your portfolio, we’ve created an updated dashboard to replace your Excel sheet. Link the notifications you want to get with tokens and transactions pulled from a multitude of sources.

It truly is the absolutely basic necessity for those that are learning about digital assets and owning digital assets to managing everything in a variety of different wallets. Keeping assets on centralized platforms inherently holds a risk, hence the originating phrase “not your keys, not your coins”. But when you OWN your keys, the onus is on yourself to keep track of where everything is and have visibility on the state of your portfolio. Notifs is here to help our decentralized community members that are ready to take matters into their own hands!

It’s just the beginning of our journey with Notifs and we look forward to adding more features that will allow users to further customize their portfolios and experience. We’ll be expanding to include your blockchain wallets, having different currencies and more! Stay tuned for new release details, upcoming features and join the community at:

Website: https://www.notifs.co
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/notifs_app
Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/notifs_app