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OAX Foundation was founded in 2017 to explore the future of decentralized transactions of digital assets. As a digital solutions provider, OAX is committed to developing a scalable, secure, trustless technology for trading digital assets – a critical component of future markets, economies and societies.

As the industry and its needs continue to evolve, so do we. OAX has remained committed to solving many of the fundamental problems that exist within the decentralized exchange space. In August 2019, OAX launched our Layer 2 Exchange (L2X) protocol to the open source community, as a possible solution to some of the areas of concern.

Explore the segments below to learn about the progress we’ve made and insights to the industry at large.

Layer 2 Protocol


The code for our Layer 2 Exchange (L2X) protocol is officially released, marking the completion of a major milestone for the project.

Currently, digital asset trading either takes place on centralized exchanges, which have persistently proved vulnerable to hacking, or in decentralized environments, which have speed and governance issues. OAX Foundation, working with its development partner, Enuma Technologies, has built a trustless exchange platform that combines the best elements of each system.


Research Paper - Professor Syren Johnstone Papers on Regulating Crypto

Paper 1: Regulating Cryptographic Consensus Technology: Oxymoron or Necessity?

This paper by Professor Syren Johnstone examines the dynamics affecting access to highly regulated public capital markets by developers underpinning blockchain, distributed ledger technology and more.


Paper 2: Requisites for Development of a Regulated Secondary Market in Digital Assets

The second paper in the series considers the pathway issues for the development of a regulated secondary market in digital assets. It explores the conditions necessary to develop a regulatory framework that would not restrict the potential offered by cryptographic consensus technology.


Paper 3

Releasing soon.


Regulating Digital Asset Trading

In our two-part series of articles, we take a more detailed look at the research we've funded into how digital assets should be regulated.


White Paper

White Paper

OAX's initial White Paper that was released during our token sale in 2017 and the beginnings of our journey. While the industry, technology and the company have evolved since its initial release, the paper outlines the areas of focus that decentralized exchanges in the market need to address: speed, scalability, interoperability and trust.

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