OAX Foundations Announces Grant to IJS Technologies

We’re pleased to announce that IJS Technologies has received a grant from OAX Foundation for their community-driven open source DeFi swap platform. The OAX Foundation sees true potential in this company and their approach to addressing the challenges being faced by the current digital asset swap landscape.

At OAX Foundation, we truly believe in digital assets and the future it could play in the mainstream financial system. Despite all the discussions that surround the topic today, we’re simply scratching the surface of its potential. The Foundation remains open to exploring all areas within this space, and one way to do so is by supporting the community around us. Whether it’s through the open sourcing of code, supporting research, or providing grants to companies developing innovative open-source platforms, such as the one developed by IJS Technologies.

IJS’ platform is built using the open-sourced DeFi based concept of token swaps. Their approach focuses on closing some of the loopholes that are found within existing platforms, primarily around the areas of price slippage, liquidity and governance.

IJS Technologies is nearing the completion of their open source release and has a third-party audit underway. We look forward to hearing updates from the IJS team!

About IJS Technologies:

Founded in 2017, IJS Technologies is an award-winning blockchain and fintech solutions provider based in Hong Kong. With a commitment to open source and decentralization, IJS strives to make the digital asset and blockchain ecosystem a safer place for everyone. Global organizations choose IJS Technologies to guide them into the age of crypto-commerce. For more information, visit their website here.