January 2021 Community Update

Welcome to the beginning of 2021!

We begin with the recapping of a piece of news that we announced December 2020: a grant given to IJS Technologies for a community-driven open source DeFi swap platform. We never had an official grant platform where we call for yearly submissions etc, but as we’ve mentioned in the past, we love having conversations with different players and look for opportunities to work together while supporting this space. We followed up with our announcement to give a bit more color as to the type of projects we generally pay more attention to and like to get involved in. If you and your team feel like there’s an idea that you might want to reach out to the OAX team about, be sure to check out our post. A great example will be the work that IJS is doing, and their team has been making great progress on their plan. We’re excited to see how things will be rolling out within the next year and what it can potentially mean for OAX token holders.

While we started the year looking at market trends of 2021, things are changing so fast that even our posts just a few weeks ago have seen updates to the environment. With the Biden administration coming in, a re-evaluation of requirements and feedback from the US is underway. But that doesn’t change the need for enhanced security as a result of the increasing institutionalization and exploring how DeFi will play an ever growing role in the industry.

But what has our OAX community buzzing about for the last week? For those that haven’t been following us on twitter or on our Telegram group, this may come as news: Binance just announced a promotion for the OAX token.

Source: Binance

Check out the link to find out the details of the promotion. You’ve heard us talking about our focus in the DeFi space and we’re so excited that Binance’s campaign complements OAX’s ongoing efforts. Even better if the promotions can benefit our OAX token holders!

It’s only the beginning of the year, but we think we’re off to a good start. Working on a few things in the pipeline that we’re hoping to share within Q1 of this year; hope you guys are as excited as we are!