Working with Our Community

Following the recent announcement about the grant given to IJS Technologies, many in our community have asked for more information regarding the grant and the program outline.

As we mentioned in our previous announcement, the Foundation was set on certain firm principles. The belief that decentralization held the key to the digital asset future and was the way to move forward. That open sourcing our code was necessary for the accelerated growth of this space. The fundamental idea that we needed to support the community through every means we can in this long-haul journey to revolutionize the way the traditional financial system works.

We’ve long sought out those that share our vision for this space and have been committed to these principles, albeit they may manifest themselves in different ways. From open sourcing the work that we’ve done for all our primary projects, to creating simple tools for the industry like the testnet faucet, to the work done with Professor Syren Johnstone exploring the regulatory space for digital assets, the motivation that has driven the Foundation’s work has been integral in deciding some of the additional projects that we take on. An earlier piece we wrote about partnerships is here for those that haven’t had the chance to read it, and while it doesn’t wholly encompass the space we’re speaking of today, we believe the sentiment to which we approach other engagements remain the same.

While we maintain the partnerships, the engagements and the grants that we choose to be up to our discretion there are a few key areas that we do look at. While none of these are hard rules written in stone, hopefully it will give our community a glimpse of our thought process.

⦁ Track Record

⦁ Terms of Funding

⦁ DeFi Focus

⦁ Open Source

⦁ Strengthens OAX Community

The support that the community has given OAX Foundation remains at the backbone of our evaluations. Identifying parties that hold similar beliefs, and evaluation of their plans to ensure that funds will be used conservatively.

So you think you have a good idea? Drop us a line, we’re always happy to hear from you!