September 2022 Community Update

Future timelines recapping the evolution of digital assets will surely have a September 15, 2022 milestone – the day of the ETH Merge, which happened quietly and perhaps with less fanfare than what the hype and lead up would have made it seem. ETH took a hit immediately after, which was something that many expected, and it is still left to be seen whether the Merge will become the turning point for the future of ETH, opening it up to more technical advancements and greater adoption.

We usually refrain from commenting about specific token prices in general and prefer looking at overall trends (regardless of whether it’s our own token or others), but there’s been so much movement happening in the market that we must throw out a word of caution to our community members.

As grateful as we are that there’s been so much interest surrounding our token the last few months, please remember to always exercise caution when buying into any type of project (Yes– ANY project). We posted a blog just last week outlining some of the issues that exist in the digital asset world when they’re told DYOR. Of course some of you may be well aware of these issues, but hopefully it’ll serve as a refresher or prepare those that are new to this space.

We understand it’s a bit depressing to realize that even after spending time to DYOR, you may still fall victim to scams, but it should never mean that you skip this crucial step. Read the full article on our blog page, but in summary:

We love seeing how active our community is nowadays, so be sure to also share tips on how you DYOR as well.

We also ran a poll with our community the last couple of days with a breakdown of our results attached below. As we said, we can’t guarantee that we’ll be able to push ahead with the suggestions, but we definitely will do our best to try to make something happen!

Response to the poll has definitely been overwhelming - thank you to everyone who participated in the poll and took the time to leave your response! We do value everyone’s feedback, despite having limitations at times to what we can bring to reality. In fact, most of the polls that we’ve hosted in the past, even regarding what may seem to be arbitrary trends, all help us to shape our direction and the projects we consider supporting. As a Foundation we’re often looking for opportunities and projects to support.

We’re hoping to have some updates for everyone in the coming months based on the feedback we’ve received so stay in touch and join us in our Telegram group for the latest!