April 2022 Community Update

Polkadot, Solana, Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, Layer 1s and Layer 2s.

We took to asking our community where they saw the most potential between five different platforms and the results were super close!

Low fees and fast transactions as expected play a large role in why our community chose certain platforms. Early last year, we extended our token to be in BEP-20 standard allowing us to list our token on the OpenSwap platform and allowing our community to take advantage of the lower gas fees. In the meantime, the OpenSwap team has also been working hard to extend their network through the bridge network, and currently have been working to connect to the AVAX platform. Have you gone to try their testnet platform yet?

We’ve also been watching the developments of other platforms like Solana and Polygon and Cardano of course, as more and more developers begin filling out the space with interesting projects. While it’s unlikely that one platform alone will rule this space in the years to come, we do expect different chains to ‘own’ their space as they focus in on specific competitive advantages.

Thanks to everyone in the community who took part in our poll and congratulations to our winners!

Please remember to get in touch with our official moderators if you’re one of the winners! (We’ll never DM you first, so please be in touch!)

We also launched our latest Staking Campaign on the OpenSwap Platform with some amazing rates! Be sure to check out our campaign here. As being an early supporter of the OpenSwap platform, our community can stake OAX tokens to receive OSWAP!

These OSWAP tokens will also allow holders to participate in many exciting things to come on the platform so make sure you have them ready and don’t miss out!

Keep watching this space for more news in the next few weeks!