Staking Guide on OpenSwap

We recently announced the launch of our staking campaign on OpenSwap, a Binance Smart Chain Decentralized Exchange that most in our community are probably familiar with! However, as the OAX token is a native ERC-20 token, some may be less familiar as to how to switch over to BEP-20.

Technology is constantly evolving in this space, and it’s hard to keep up at times, so follow the three easy methods below to swap your tokens so you can take part in the OpenSwap Staking Campaign!

1. Swap Tokens on OpenSwap Dex OAX has an OAX-BNB trading pair listed on the OpenSwap Dex for community members to take advantage. Simple, straightforward and low fees!

2. Multi-Hop on OpenSwap Dex Don’t want to purchase OAX with BNB? It’s not an issue with features like the two-hop swap (or multi-hop). Because OpenSwap aggregates from other platforms as well, it offers consolidated options at the best cost, but with the ease of doing it on one platform.

For example, if community members want to use wrapped USDT to purchase OAX, the platform will identify the best route through its aggregated sources and highlight the best price.

3. Binance Users Withdrawing their OAX tokens in BEP-20 Congratulations! If you have a Binance account, and your OAX tokens are sitting in your account, the process is as simple as a normal withdrawal.

Go to your Binance app and select [Wallets]. Input your BEP-20 wallet address (i.e. Metamask), select Network to BNB Smart Chain (BEP-20) and the amount you would like to transfer!

For Binance’s step-by-step video tutorial, visit the link here.

For those that haven’t taken part in the staking campaign yet, and are lured by the fantastic APR, make sure you take a look at the options above.

Just remember to ensure your wallets are set up to BNB Smart Chain and are ready to accept BEP-20 tokens! Never ever share your private keys, and always DYOR!