April 2021 Community Updates

Wow! What a start to Q2 it’s been for us!

We started the beginning of the month by announcing that the OAX token would be available as a wrapped BEP-20 token. Over the last few months, we’ve been exploring the opportunities of having our tokens available on additional exchanges as well, and while exploring the likes of UniSwap and SushiSwap, we felt that the market conversations of Binance Smart Chain were compelling enough for us to expand our options as well.

This, of course, was merely to set the scene for the things that would be happening the rest of the month.

On April 21, we hosted our first joint Telegram AMA with IJS Technologies, the company we gave the grant to late last year. Thank you to everyone who joined us and submitted questions beforehand! We had a little prize for some lucky winners, congratulations to everyone who won!

We realized that between the different time zones and just being busy with life means that some of you weren’t able to join us, so make sure you check out the recap we posted last week. We included some of the Q&A highlights in our post.

How many of you prefer the AMA being hosted on Telegram instead of Reddit like how we’ve done previously? The AMAs are about reaching out to our community (you!) and we want to know what your preference may be.

OpenSwap, the community DeFi platform that is using the technology that IJS developed, has launched as well! For those in the community who are interested in seeing how one grant can grow into something bigger, be sure to take a look. We know it’s only the beginning for the team over there, and we’re excited to watch its progress as it develops.

Since OpenSwap operates on Binance Smart Chain, and now our OAX token is BEP-20 ready, as an early thank you for the OAX community supporting the very beginnings of the technology on this platform, the IJS team will be including benefits for the OAX token holders in the early stages of it’s launch. Make sure to join their community to keep up with updates, and of course we’ll be resharing details on our own platforms as well!

LAST, but definitely not least: we have some very exciting news for our community! As of today, the OAX-BNB trading pair is now added on OpenSwap. If you haven’t yet had the chance, be sure to check out their platform!

What we hope to be the first of many; what other pairs are you looking forward to having? No promises, but as always, a work in progress. Keep an eye out for news and updates either on OAX platforms or join the OpenSwap social media channels as well to keep up to date with our news!