September Community Update

And in a blink of an eye, we’ve reached the end of September.

Quite a bit has happened in the last month within the industry. We’ve seen DeFi go for a bit of a ride, with discussions taking place regarding a lot of new swap dexes and AMMs and what it really means for the industry. We think the drive for this area is fantastic, and we published an article just last week, sharing some of our thoughts on what it means in an open-source context. Have a read here if you haven’t had the chance yet!

Polkadot also shared some exciting news in September, with their first-ever interchain swap through a new type of cross-asset bridge on top of their network. Gavin Wood shared how two parachains could successfully interact using XCM protocol on his twitter so we look forward to getting more information on their interoperability developments in the near future.

As Polkadot continues to make progress on their network, we’ve also released our final feature specific demo: Fee Delegation. An incredibly useful feature especially for those looking to give incentives for transfers – watch our demo and find out more about the potential uses in our blog post. We started off doing these demo videos for the community to get an idea of what was being done and over the course of the last few months we hope they’ve been informative.

And last for this month, with a warm welcome from our community, we’ve also finally launched the first stage of our testnet with two of the features we’ve gone so much about. Users now have the opportunity to test out the PRC20 and Burn features that they’ve seen in our demo videos on our testnet. Those that haven’t gone on to try it yet should follow the simple instructions that we’ve posted on our Github page. Promise it’s easy to set up! If you’re wondering why we haven’t included the other features onto the testnet, those will be coming in due course with runtime updates. We hope everyone enjoys testing the features as they roll out, and as always, if you have any feedback on the code, we’d look forward to hearing your suggestions.

Which features are you most looking forward to testing out? Open-source: yay or nay? How many of you are as excited about Polkadot’s updates as we are? Find us on telegram to discuss!