July 2020 Community Update

The ongoing dynamics of the regulatory space within crypto assets and the direction to take moving forward has long been a long-standing point of debate within the industry. Two years ago, we reached out to Professor Syren Johnstone to dive into the complexities of the argument, and explore the regulatory perimeters of digital assets.

The result of this deep dive are three comprehensive papers, the latest (and final one) just published and can be downloaded here.

We understand that not all of you will get the chance to peruse through such a detailed breakdown. So for those of you who may be looking for a summary of the paper, we have a short two-part Q&A with Professor Johnstone reviewing some of the key points that were mentioned within the paper, and how it holds in the environment today. And of course, Wei-Shen Wong from Waters Technology does a brilliant job summarizing the findings from the paper in an interview done with Professor Johnstone and our very own, Paul Li. Read “The Need for a Designated Crypto Asset Regulator” here.

On the parachain front, we continued this month with another demo feature from our OAX Parachain: Atomic Swap. In simplified terms, Atomic Swap allows the swapping of two different tokens to be done in one single transaction. Read our blog post to understand more about the advantages of using Atomic Swap and the benefits of having such a feature on the parachain.

We have more exciting things coming soon in August that we’re getting ready to share, hope everyone will be as excited as we are!