Enuma Technologies, our partner in building our trustless exchange platform, has just published a blog looking at one of the technical aspects behind the project. Written by Philippe Camacho, Enuma’s Senior Cryptography Engineer, it focuses on how the technology ensures a high level of security across the platform. While written as a blog, it’s still a scholarly piece of work that highlights the importance of building truly secure software.

It’s not the only thing the Enuma team have written recently. They’re currently putting the finishing touches to a very detailed paper explaining the Layer 2 solution that powers our platform. This will be a significant piece of work, giving the community real insight into how the technology will function. We’re very excited about this paper and the wealth of information it’s going to provide about what we believe is a truly innovative solution to the challenges facing digital asset trading today.

We’ll be publishing this paper jointly with Enuma in the coming weeks and will be writing about it here. In the meantime, it’s worth checking out what else the Enuma team have been talking about on their official blog.