We’ve previously written that Enuma Technologies will be releasing a detailed paper explaining the Layer 2 solution that we have been working on with them.

This morning, the OAX core team had an in-depth meeting with Enuma to catch up on progress team and discuss the latest developments in our technology and the paper.

(Pictured above: Lio from Enuma Technologies and Akshay, Senior Developer at OAX Foundation)

We had a very productive meeting with Enuma and we’re very excited to announce that the paper is going well and should be ready for release and public viewing very soon.

We hope the upcoming release of the paper will offer our community members, interested parties and potential partners a deep insight into our technology — we believe in the potential of the Layer 2 solution we are building and its impact in solving some of the challenges the digital asset trading industry is facing today.

The paper may be too technical for regular readers, but not to worry, as we will also publish a summary on our Medium page. Apart from the paper, Enuma has also released some tech-related posts on their official blog, which may be worth checking out.

The next few weeks will be an exciting time for OAX Foundation, as we are also hard at work on releasing the source code for Layer 2 Solution, deploying the latest code to the testnet, a full website revamp and more updates in the pipeline. We are thankful for all your support so far, and we would like to thank all our supporters who have journeyed with us throughout our milestones!