A Q&A Session with Aaron, Lead Developer from Notifs

Welcome to our interview blog post as we take a different approach from our usual industry write-ups. Today, we have the opportunity to dive into a real project supported under the OAX Foundation. Since 2022, the foundation has been supporting and empowering a team to develop a mobile application called Notifs. Notifs has evolved from its humble beginnings as a digital asset portfolio notification app to becoming the go-to platform for seamless decentralized finance integration. It empowers crypto enthusiasts with personalized insights through the power of AI.

It’s been awhile since we last hosted an AMA Session for Notifs and we know you’d love to hear from the team more! Notifs has undergone remarkable transformations, expanding its capabilities from tracking assets across different chains in DeFi wallets to integrating AI-curated news summaries. With each innovation, Notifs aims to enhance users’ experiences of navigating the Web3 world. In this interview, we have the privilege of speaking with Aaron, the technical lead behind Notifs. Join us as we uncover the story behind this remarkable app, its innovative features, and the vision that drives its continuous growth.

How did the Notifs project get started?

The Notifs project started with the vision of creating a simple and intuitive digital asset portfolio notification app. We recognized the need for a tool that would provide timely updates and insights for crypto enthusiasts. With the support of the OAX Foundation, we embarked on this journey in 2022, focusing on building a user-friendly application that would cater to the growing demands of the Web3 space.

As we progressed, we realized the immense potential to expand beyond portfolio tracking. We wanted to create a platform that seamlessly integrates decentralized finance and empowers users with personalized insights. This led us to enhance Notifs with features such as DeFi wallet tracking across different chains and the integration of AI-curated news summaries. The project’s evolution has been driven by our commitment to simplifying complexities and enhancing the user experience in the Web3 ecosystem. We continuously innovate and adapt to meet the changing needs of our users, and our journey has been nothing short of exciting and rewarding.

How do you select which features to focus on with the space rapidly changing?

One of the ways we address the challenge of selecting features in a rapidly changing Web3 space is through our beta releases. We believe in actively involving our community in the development process and leveraging their feedback to shape the direction of Notifs. We closely monitor the beta test results and pay special attention to features that receive high engagement and positive feedback. These features often indicate the most valuable and impactful additions to Notifs. By deepening our focus on these high-engagement features, we ensure that our resources are allocated to areas that deliver the most value to our users.

While Notifs strives to provide a comprehensive experience, it does not attempt to encompass every possible feature or functionality that exists in the Web3 space. Instead, it focuses on delivering value through its core positioning as a notification platform that helps users stay informed about their digital assets and the broader decentralized finance ecosystem.

What are some feature(s) you think can be a game changer for Notifs?

The AI News Summary feature in Notifs leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to curate and deliver personalized news summaries to users. It filters through a vast amount of information and identifies the most relevant news articles, blog posts, and updates in the crypto and decentralized finance space. By tailoring the news content to users’ preferences and interests, the AI News Summary feature saves time and provides users with a concise yet comprehensive overview of the latest happenings in the Web3 ecosystem.

What the whole team is excited about right now is the up and coming feature: Gazer, an on-chain social feature that allows users to engage and interact with the broader crypto community. Gazer provides a platform for users to discover, follow, and connect with other individuals who share similar interests in the Web3 space. Users can share insights, discuss market trends, and exchange ideas within the app. By fostering a social community directly on the blockchain, Gazer enhances the user experience by creating a space for collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and networking.

How do you integrate ideas from the community and marketing into the development of the app?

Our integration of community and marketing ideas into app development is exemplified by our rewards program. By actively engaging with our community, we gather feedback and incentivize their participation through the rewards program. This program encourages users to contribute, provide suggestions, and share their experiences, creating a feedback loop that directly influences our development decisions. By valuing and rewarding community engagement, we ensure that the app evolves in alignment with user preferences and fosters a sense of ownership and collaboration.

What’s one piece of advice you’d give to new projects and developers in the space?

New projects and developers in the space are to explore and try out a variety of tools and resources that are available to you. The Web3 ecosystem offers a wide range of tools, frameworks, and libraries that can significantly reduce friction and overcome roadblocks in your development journey. By testing and experimenting with different tools, you can gain valuable insights into their capabilities, strengths, and limitations. This iterative approach allows you to identify the most suitable solutions for your project’s specific needs. It also helps you avoid reinventing the wheel by leveraging existing tools and frameworks instead of building everything from scratch. It’s also extremely encouraging to see traditional tech companies embracing and nurturing the Web3 ecosystem, which makes the space even more accessible for developers and young projects.

Furthermore, I encourage you to engage in co-development and collaborative efforts within the Web3 community. Seek feedback from experienced developers and actively participate in discussions and forums. By sharing your ideas and challenges, you can benefit from the collective wisdom of the community and receive valuable input that can guide your development process. Remember, the Web3 space is dynamic and rapidly evolving. Embrace a mindset of continuous learning, experimentation, and adaptation. Stay curious, be open to new ideas, and keep building. Through persistent exploration and collaboration, you can navigate the complexities of Web3 development and contribute to the growth and innovation of the ecosystem.

At OAX Foundation, we are committed to supporting the growth and development of the digital asset space. Through our grant programs and support initiatives, we strive to empower robust projects and innovative ideas that drive the evolution of the ecosystem. We invite you to reach out to us, share your vision, and let’s have a conversation about how we can collaborate and make a positive impact together. Join us on this exciting journey of shaping the future of the digital asset space.

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