November 2023 Community Updates

Greetings, OAX community!

November has been yet another eventful month for us, with several significant developments and exciting prospects on the horizon. Here’s a recap of what’s been happening:

The market is abuzz with positive signals of Bitcoin ETF approval, driving increased activity and interest in the cryptocurrency market. We observe encouraging signs of recovery from the bear market, indicating renewed growth and opportunities in the crypto and blockchain space. However, the stepping down of Binance CEO CZ has caused a significant industry debacle. Richard Teng has taken over as Binance CEO as part of a settlement with the U.S. Department of Justice. It remains uncertain how Teng will manage Binance’s business amid U.S. oversight and CZ’s departure.

During Hong Kong Fintech Week beginning this month, our comprehensive coverage focused on the tangible applications of blockchain technology in our everyday lives. We delved into various use cases, examined integration possibilities, and highlighted the increasing momentum towards adoption. A particular area of emphasis was payments, as we conducted an in-depth exploration of payment solutions, use cases, and integration opportunities. This deep dive garnered substantial attention and interest, underscoring the rising potential for blockchain-based payment systems.

We are excited to inform you about the latest updates regarding our supporting project: Notifs app. The recent release of new features in the Chinese language, expanding the accessibility of our app to a wider audience. Users can now enjoy the app and receive AI news summary in their native language, enhancing their overall experience. Additionally, a rewards program is scheduled to release early December to encourage active user participation within our ecosystem. More details about this upcoming launch will be shared soon.

We’re also hoping to host a fun community activity for all of you in celebration of the year end festivities. While nothing is fully set in stone yet, please follow us on our official channels to be alerted of all our activities and campaigns

While we periodically send out security reminders throughout the year, we’d definitely like for our community members to continue to practice caution and stay safe. While sentiments are more bullish this year end, there may also be an increase in fraudulent activities and fake Telegram airdrops throughout the space. Remember, our team will never ask you for your private keys or passwords in any case at all.

Do note the links to our official Telegram groups - Global English Group and Chinese Group. We’re strictly not operating any other group and as a recap, here’s our LinkTree for a full list of our proper channels.

Only campaigns launched on the platforms on our LinkTree are hosted or supported by our project - if unsure, reach out to us anytime at all, always best to be safe than sorry!

At OAX, we remain committed to supporting the blockchain ecosystem. We continue to actively engage in research, thought leadership, and other initiatives to foster adoption and drive real-world use cases. If you have a project that aligns with our mission, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are always open to collaboration and exploring ways to support innovative projects.

Thank you for your continued support and have an amazing festive season ahead.