January 2023 Community Update

Welcome to 2023!

Of course the headliner of this month’s community update is the launch of the team’s portfolio app Notifs. We launched Notifs at the beginning of the month, and it has been a little project the team has been working on for the better part of last year. Aside from this, January has been an awesome month for the crypto assets space for sure - with Bitcoin successfully breaking 20,000!

Even before the seismic shifts that took place in the industry, our team was frustrated by the lack of decentralized portfolio options for us to keep track of our personal holding. At the beginning of the year it was also with the pick up of NFTs, then eventually it became the integrated nature of the portfolios with centralized exchanges. And it seemed like a sad joke that many of us still resorted to using an excel spreadsheet to track our portfolios.

Post-FTX it became even more apparent that the most basic features of a portfolio tracker weren’t being met. And considering that we constantly remind our community members about keeping assets in different wallets, taking responsibility for tracking where assets go is more important than ever. We understand that decentralization means taking control and not relying on others to make things happen, so we started pulling together the basic features for a portfolio tracker.

A quick look at a few early features of Notifs we’ve decided to launch with!

We’re so excited for what is to come. We hope to include a lot more customization options, as well as automation options so it can truly remove the necessity of your excel sheet. We know many of you are as excited for these updates as we are, as based on the feedback from Notifs launch campaign we hosted! Here’re the results from the poll we launched:

Thank you to everyone who joined our Notifs launch campaign, participated in our Poll and congratulations to the winners of the campaign!

Of course at the beginning of every year, we (and many others in the industry) will have a forward looking piece about what they foresee as some of the key trends to happen in the year to come. Our 2023 Trends piece highlights the various aspects of DeFi, Zero Knowledge Technology, Regulatory Extremes and GameFi.

We still believe that DeFi has a long way to go and so much to offer the industry and we’re excited to have Notifs incorporating many of these features into the app soon!

Also on a promising note this month, Hong Kong has been re-emphasizing their renewed pro-crypto stance in recent days, echoing the new direction that was set during last year’s HK Fintech Week. Hong Kong’s financial secretary, Paul Chan, spoke of the concerted efforts made to make Hong Kong a regional crypto hub and hopefully attract new businesses from around the world. We look forward to seeing the changes in the city and the consultation platforms that will be pulled together in the months to come.

Keep an eye out for more stuff from us! What a great start to the year, we’re so excited for what’s to come! And for those in the community, we wish you and your families health and happiness in the (Lunar) New Year!