The Perks of a Crypto Winter

The market has been tough over the last half a year, and when you compare the highs from half a year ago, some may believe it speaks to the uncertainty of the digital market future. While a crypto winter seems scary in the industry, there lies an inherent opportunity for those that are driving development in the field. For it is within these periods that developers and teams often find the chance to step back and evaluate their platforms and make necessary changes that must occur for the space to grow.

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In our last post, we looked at the future of payments within the digital asset ecosystem. As noted, a key consideration for a lot of the new players in the space arose from the need for lower gas fees. Alternative ecosystems like Solana, Cardano, Binance Smart Chain opened up and provided the opportunity for users. Solutions like Solana Pay are welcomed additions to the space in expanding the reaches and use-cases for digital assets. While bull markets can help to identify the shortcomings of existing solutions, bear markets allow deep dives and testing to drive the changes.

As has been seen in the past, token prices have often hit new highs after these periods, partially because of renewed faith in the market, but even more because there are actual developments to be excited about.

So what are we looking forward to seeing in the months to come as a result of this lull in the market? A number of things, but based on what we see hints of, GameFi and Metaverse merging together in a more exciting proposition and alternate platforms to launch more services that will allow more real-life case opportunities for our digital communities are on our wish list!