July 2021 Community Update

Can we say this has been a month focused on staking?

Our Binance staking campaign wrapped up this month, but we also announced the launch of our OpenSwap staking campaign! We wanted to be sure that everyone had ample time to familiarize themselves with wrapping ERC-20 tokens to BEP-20. For those that haven’t yet attempted to stake on OpenSwap’s platform be sure to check it out! While the 90-day option has been sold out already, there’s still the chance to participate in the 45-day campaign.

In case you need some assistance, be sure to refer to the following links on step-by-step guides below: Wrapping OAX ERC-20 tokens to BEP-20 Staking on OpenSwap Guide

While some of our community members have compared this campaign to the first one that was hosted on OpenSwap, others have also noted a difference in the term benefits. So make sure you take advantage of the shorter vesting times offered this campaign.

And in fact, if you’ve participated in the staking campaign already, or you’re planning to join; be sure to keep your eyes peeled for more benefits that are coming your way. OpenSwap has some exciting activities coming up that you won’t want to miss!

A quick throwback to the beginning of the month… once again we offer our congratulations to the winners of the Retweet and Win campaign!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the event and keep an eye out for more events coming your way. We hope to have more chances for OAX community members to participate in events both on Binance and OpenSwap!

Lastly, the market has been picking up in recent days but under the heavy influence of some key players in this space. What do you think about such influential individuals playing such a significant role in what should be a diverse ecosystem? Share your thoughts, and we’ll be looking into it ourselves with our blog post next week.

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