June 2021 Community Update

We hit the mid-way mark of 2021 as June comes to an end. Between the rollercoaster of markets the last two months, regulatory changes around the world, hacks on BSC exchanges, it seems like there’s never a boring day in the world of crypto.

From headlines of our own, we also just announced the signing of an MoU between OAX Foundation and IJS Technologies. Having given a grant to IJS at the end of last year, we’ve spent the last six months watching the code that was being developed morph and change into a functioning platform, OpenSwap. The mutual agreement sets the tone for us to continue our work and discussions moving forward and we’re excited to see what they can do.

Since launching their platform’s private preview in April 2021, the OpenSwap team supported by IJS technology has been steadily improving their features and usability since. Usability features including shareable URLs and integration with WalletConnect, whose protocol covers more than 40 wallet additions have been adapted on the platform. Meanwhile upgrades such as aggregation of DEX platforms including PancakeSwap and BakerySwap, and an introduction to their multi-routing optimization, have received positive feedback from private preview users and are considered bedrock ingredients for upcoming liquidity related platform improvements.

And there’s more in store!

Keep your eyes open for more developments happening with our work in this space over the next couple of months. We recently posted a step-by-step guide on how to wrap our OAX tokens to BEP-20 standard. We urge our community to take this opportunity to familiarize themselves with the process to ensure they’re ready to take advantage of some of the campaigns we’re hoping to roll-out in the second half of this year. As always, our team can be contacted through our social media channels if there are any questions or concerns.

While indicators the last few days have shown a slight turnaround in the markets, we continue to urge caution to our community. As opportunities arise, be sure to DYOR and take all the security precautions and make sure your funds are stored safely!

As a friendly reminder – always keep an eye out for how you store your tokens!