April Community Update

We hosted an AMA earlier this month, and a big thank you for everyone that participated! Since we made the announcement that we would be building the OAX Parachain on the Polkadot Network, and with everyone practicing social distancing, we thought it was a good opportunity to reach out and discuss our thoughts a bit more in this space. Check out our summary here and congratulations to our winners!

We had the chance to talk to our community about why we chose Polkadot, and what hopes we have for our OAX Parachain. The team has been making great progress integrating key functionalities into our: ERC20 functionality, Atomic Swap, Fee Delegation and MultiTransfer. We believe these additional functionalities will not only be able to make a different for DApps built on the Parachain, but also consider the utility of our OAX Token.

If you haven’t had the chance, make sure to visit our Parachain Summary (or the more complete version here).

It’s quite natural for some questions to come up repeatedly – what’s the upcoming roadmap look like? What will be achieved in the next 5 years? The truth is, we find those questions a bit difficult to answer. We don’t have a crystal ball, as much as we wish we did. We don’t even know how things will look once the virus is over.

We’ve worked on decentralized exchanges, and we see an interesting future with DeFi, but we’re always on a look out to see where the industry is heading so we can plan and grow accordingly. Where do you see this space going? What use-case scenarios would you like to see this technology being transferred to? As of late, the team has spent our time mulling over how this technology can be translated in more “end user” opportunities. The only way for this digital asset space to take hold is for the general public to have the opportunity to become comfortable with it in their daily lives.

Not everyone will be able to understand the technology and coding that goes into a parachain, nor will everyone be interested in trading on an exchange. Share with us your ideas on how you would like this space to grow, and don’t just wait for our next AMA! We have our ongoing community platforms on Reddit and Telegram and Twitter etc, and we love hearing from our communities on a daily basis, so share with us your thoughts too!