Same Great Project, Simpler Name

If you stay abreast of CoinMarketCap (say, refreshing your browser multiple times a day) then you may have noticed a little change on Tuesday this week. openANX is now just listed as OAX, both as ticker and name. (Pronounced like the O-A-K tree, but with an “X”) That’s because we quietly changed it this week.

We did this with no great fanfare, or huge rebrand. We simply received feedback from partners, advisors and the community that labelling our project with the name of one of our key backers (who is also a centralized exchange) may act as an obstacle to greater adoption. Therefore, we changed it. It has changed on our web address,

Although the old link, still works. Twitter, Telegram and most of our other channels. Our team of Community Managers and Marketing guys will continue to migrate these over, with the others to follow suit where possible. The logo has lost the “openANX” strap-line too.

Same look, but sleeker

Nothing else is changing. We are the same project, the same team, working toward the same goal and the same milestones. We simply thought changing the name was more inline with our philosophy of “Open, Transparent, Decentralized.” The O-A-X does stand for something, but we will talk about that at a later date.