Ready for Blastoff!

Things are starting to move very quickly over here, and we are overwhelmed with the support and interest in the openANX Project! Thanks to everyone for reaching out!

We’ve had some productive meetings and great discussions and we’d like to formally welcome one new advisor to the openANX Project;

Peter Smith is now onboard as an advisor!

Founder and CEO of Blockchain, a financial technology and data company that has empowered millions of users across the globe to store and transact digital value quickly and without costly intermediaries. Under his leadership, Blockchain has become the market leader in digital currency and distributed ledger technology. By 2016, Blockchain’s software has powered over 100M transactions around the world.

Peter is very well regarded for his insight and thought leadership and it is an honor to have him onboard to share his expertise.

In addition, Will Warren and Amir Bandeali from the 0xproject (zero-x project) were in Hong Kong to talk to Hugh Madden and Dave Chapman from the openANX team and are now onboard as an engineering partner! Welcome to the openANX family guys! The 0xproject are extremely well known in the space since the launch of their white paper about their protocol for low friction P2P trading of ERC20 tokens.

As the token space continues to develop, the need to exchange these assets will be compounded. 0x protocol will act as a critical piece of infrastructure for the token economy, allowing Ethereum smart contracts to programmatically and seamlessly exchange Ethereum-based assets.

We sat down with the guys and talked about the crypto-space, exchanges and their thoughts. It was awesome! You can check out Part 1 and Part 2 of the video.

T — 10 Until Launch!

The big day is getting closer! This week we will be launching the technical white paper on Wednesday 14 June, and will be doing so via our Slack channel first! Don’t forget to sign up to get an early look!