Continuing the Trends Talk

Over the course of the last two months, we’ve hosted two campaigns on our social media channels that included polls and getting feedback from our community but with all that has been going on, we haven’t had the chance to report back on what everyone had to say!

We posted what we think (and hope) the trends for the next year will be (primarily DeFi Solutions, GameFi, Regulatory Extremes and Zero Knowledge Technology). And you guys seem to have similar thoughts with a whopping 61% of you believing that the biggest trends will be focusing on DeFi Solutions moving forward.

But one of the larger conversations that has been taking place over the last few months is around A.I. with ChatGPT’s dominance in the market and Google’s response with Bard (and their unfortunate launch just earlier this month). This A.I. rush has led to conversations and questions in the digital asset space as to how the likes of ChatGPT can help cryptocurrency users make decisions regarding the market or use it to develop codes.

We’ll definitely be exploring the A.I. role in cryptocurrency (the good and bad) in the months to come but beside it being the new shiny toy in the room, we hope it becomes a tool that will support the development and advancement of the trends we mentioned before.

Zero Knowledge Technology will (or should) be a key defining factor in the challenge of data privacy, not only protecting user identities, but also through verification without risk, allowing for long-term advancements in the Metaverse and a potential solution to the underlying issues that surround regulatory compliance. We’ve been seeing Polygon taking their zero-knowledge rollups to the final testnet stage that will help with scalability. It’s going to be a long-road ahead but it’s great to see progress and news starting at the beginning of the year.

Hong Kong has been taking the limelight recently, while many countries around the world are clamping down and restricting digital asset growth, the city has been opening their doors and embracing changes that would allow it to become a digital asset hub. We hear that Hong Kong’s SFC is proactively engaging the public for conversations when it comes to allowing licensed exchanges to serve retail investors. What a great start for the year!

And of course we’ve been playing a part with our work being done on the Notifs portfolio tracker. By addressing two of the key trends mentioned above, Notifs is a tool that uses a DeFi approach to create a solution for users who are looking to manage their portfolios when the need for diversification becomes more important. Download the app today from Google Play and Apple iTunes and help us develop the space as we go.

What are some of the projects you guys have been looking into that are developing in the spaces we looked at above?