January 2022 Community Update

And we’ve reached the end of January 2022. The first month of the year continues to be tough for the digital asset market, while large institutional banks and governments have been reporting progress: with the Bank of Korea completing their first phase of their digital currency pilot to Uniswap founder’s account being shut down by JP Morgan Chase. From Thai to German to Russian regulators, changes are being made to push things forward to clarify their stance towards digital assets and meanwhile the IMF has also been urging El Salvador to step back from their stance of accepting Bitcoin as legal tender.

Our trends piece published earlier this month focused on what we see to be key areas of development in the next year; and while more discussion revolving around government regulation was one of them, another, much more exciting topic also made the list. We recently asked our fellow community members about one key trend: the Metaverse.

Which ones are you most excited about, which ones do you see the most potential in? We found some interesting results!

It’s interesting to see what may play out in the months to come for these various platforms and we’ll be keeping a close eye on the progress as well!

Lunar New Year is here, and we wish everyone a safe, healthy, prosperous Year of the Tiger!

We have some campaigns that are in the pipeline and we’re hoping to launch them very soon so keep an eye out for our upcoming news!