May Community Update

It’s confirmed– Polkadot launched earlier this week! In case you haven’t had the chance to see some of their recent posts, they been releasing videos that help to explain the ideas behind Polkadot, and their launch. One if their recently posted videos on YouTube gives an overview to the staggered launch that Polkadot will be implementing, and we’re so excited to see it come together. While initial phases will not be Parachain ready, their staggered approach demonstrates the complexity of pulling off a network this big, and how usability and security must require time and thoroughness.

Meanwhile, the team has continued their hard work on building the Parachain. In fact, we’ve been seeing very promising progress in terms of the code that we’ve been writing for our four key features. We’re in the midst of preparing short snippets of video that can show some of the features at work, and hope to have that ready soon. We’re sure everyone would like to the progress being made in the form of working code!

Over the last few months, we’ve been writing a quite a few articles about the DeFi space and the potential it brings, particularly in a post-Covid environment. EJ Insight covered two of our articles—really fundamental pieces as to the ideas of DeFi that anyone beginning to look into the space would be able to understand. We hope you enjoy reading What is DeFi, and More Thoughts on Decentralised Finance. While these articles aren’t specifically regarding the work that OAX does, it underscores the potential we see within the space and provides a backdrop to why we chose to work build a Parachain and the potential we see in a network like Polkadot.

Lastly for our team’s updates this month, we take you back in time. How many of you remember Paper 1 and 2 that Professor Syren Johnstone wrote awhile back? We’re happy to announce that Paper 3 is nearing completion! Exploring the larger ecosystem; taking into all the variables and potential consequences of government regulation (or the lack of) is no small feat. In this latest paper, Professor Syren presents suggestions that governments can actually consider for approaching this space, putting into context the arguments presented in the previous papers. Keep an eye out for this upcoming release!