January 2020 Community Update

We start the first community update of 2020 wishing everyone a happy Lunar New Year! The planning hasn’t stopped since last year, and in fact, the team has already been gearing up with technical work – creating proof of concepts and developing frameworks as the foundation of things to come.

We spend a lot of our time thinking about the positives of the industry. Perhaps because we’re so invested in it, we have to think of solutions and potential to keep ourselves going. But sometimes looking at the bigger picture is required.

Most attribute 2008 as the beginning of Bitcoin, but the hype really started taking hold roughly in 2016. Tokens and exchanges, skyrocketing prices and speculation. The excitement was palpable and it was new and fresh. Mainstream media outlets started reporting on this development, institutional investors began asking questions, and regulators started paying attention. But as we enter what arguably can be the fifth year of limelight, we find ourselves constantly questioning: “how does the industry sustain interest?”

What technological developments need to happen for people to feel inspired? How do we bring value to end-users, so they can see the benefits of blockchain and digital assets? Most of the work we do at this stage, will appeal to the audience that is more technical, but how do we ensure that the direction of the work will ultimately demonstrate benefit for the end-user.

Reach out to us on our platforms and join the discussion. We believe that we can shape the future of digital assets, so help us by sharing your thoughts.