Vitalik Buterin visiting Enuma Technologies to discuss the Layer 2 solution currently being developed along with OAX Foundation (photo courtesy of Enuma Technologies)

It’s been an exciting week for OAX Foundation as well as for our partners!

Vitalik visiting Enuma Technologies to discuss Layer 2

Vitalik Buterin was in town for TOKEN 2049 and Ethereum SuperMeetUp and, during the keynote speech, not only mentioned about our technology development partner Enuma Technologies, but also visited their office and had extensive discussions on the Layer 2 solution currently being developed for decentralized digital asset trading platforms along with OAX Foundation (read more on and download our SDK here). As one of the most revolutionary technologies that is leading us into the future, blockchain’s development comes with its ups and downs; we are truly excited and happy to have seen the progress of reaching 1,000 TPS thus far!

ANXONE CEO Dave Chapman with OAX Foundation General Manager Amanda Liu

TOKEN 2049

Led by OAX Foundation General Manager Amanda Liu, our Director of Business Development Raphaël Tressieres and Executive Director of Corporate Finance Winnie Mak connected with old friends and met new ones during TOKEN 2049, one of Asia’s largest cryptocurrency events. Participation in events such as this one is crucial to igniting the formation of new and long-lasting strategic partnerships, which is key towards an inclusive and sustainable digital asset ecosystem.

OAX Foundation honored to form a new partnership with Solidus Labs to tackle the problems in digital asset trading

OAX Foundation Joint Partnership Announcement with Solidus Labs

As a highlight ending our already fruitful week, OAX Foundation announced our partnership with Solidus Labs. Founded by former Goldman Sachs FinTech engineers and pioneering digital asset trade surveillance by utilizing the latest in machine learning, Solidus Labs provides a concrete solution to tackling the rampant problems of market manipulation currently faced in the industry.

We believe that the power of technology will push us towards regulatory approval, furthering the goal of mainstream digital asset adoption.

In conclusion, this has definitely been a very exciting power week at OAX Foundation, and we look forward to more!