Wayland (in white shirt) meeting with the development team on his first day.

This week, we’re welcoming Wayland Chan to the OAX team as Director, Technology. Wayland is a highly skilled manager of IT systems and development projects with international experience working for some of the world’s largest financial services organizations.

At OAX, he’ll be working closely with our management and technology staff to make the next phase of the project development a success. This includes tackling the scalability and liquidity challenges that decentralized exchanges face today, and which our platform has been designed to solve. Of these, scalability is the more complex issue and in the application of Sprites we’re pioneering a potentially groundbreaking approach to solving it.

With his experience of major technology development projects, Wayland is the ideal person to help us with this. His last role before OAX was at HSBC here in Hong Kong where he was the Regional Head of Post Trade IT for Cash Equities and worked on HSBC’s Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect project. In another role, he was part of the team at Royal Bank of Canada which developed an in-house fixed income securities trading system.

All this experience is highly relevant to the OAX project as we move from prototype to finished product and tackle the outstanding challenges of decentralized exchanges along the way. We’re really excited to have Wayland join the team!