Wrap Up From Consensus —  spreading The Words About Oax

We’re back from a successful Consensus in New York. Over the three days we saw a huge number and variety of people, ranging from potential partners to service providers to industry peers wanting to know more about our platform and the technology behind it. We were particularly pleased to see many of our token holders and see their excitement at the progress we’ve made.

Demonstrating how far we’ve come was one of the main reasons for attending the event, and as part of doing that we ran many demos with our technology partner, Enuma. The questions people asked showed how interested the industry is in our project and that we’re building something of value to it. Of most interest was the project timeline and how our decentralized exchange differs from others, as well as how people can connect to our platform.

We also used the occasion to formally announce an extension of our partnership with Enuma. If you’ve not yet read the press release, you can do so here. This generated plenty of interest, particularly as Enuma were recently awarded a grant by the Ethereum Foundation to help further the implementation of the Sprites technology that the OAX project will use. In fact, partnership was something of a theme for us at Consensus as we spoke to many organisations about potential tie-ups.

Overall, it was a fantastic opportunity to spread the word and demo the OAX project — the sheer attendance levels was one of the most impressive things about it, as well as the diversity in terms of countries and industry segments represented, and the speaker line up. Showing just how diverse and fast-paced the three days were, general manager, Amanda Liu, did a stand-up interview with iSUN-TV of China and senior advisor, William Barkshire, met with the Prime Minister of Bermuda!

The OAX team

Consensus was also a chance for us to get to know what others in the world of digital assets and blockchain are doing. The attendees represented the best of the best of the community. Our management will be spending the next few weeks reviewing the feedback we received and opportunities we identified, as well as everyone’s observations — particularly on other decentralized exchanges — to help inform the next stages of the project.

We’ve returned to Hong Kong full of energy and ideas for the next stages of the project. The next big event for us will be the launch of the prototype, and we’re very much looking forward to updating you on progress!

IMPORTANT NOTICE — We will only ever communicate news and updates about the OAX project via the OAX Foundation’s official channels. Please make sure you are following these:

Website: www.oax.org
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Any other channels purporting to be OAX are false and the information they provide should be disregarded. We’re regularly monitoring for false channels and actively working to have them shut down. To report any false channels you find, please contact us: [email protected].]

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