This week sees the second of our Working Group meetings. We’ll be providing a summary of what was discussed shortly afterwards, but thought it worthwhile now posting a reminder of what the Working Group is and what its role is in the OAX Project.

The Working Group is designed to provide guidance and counsel to help the OAX Project development run smoothly. The members are leading figures from sectors related to key milestones in the project roadmap — all chosen for the expertise they can provide. They include:

· PwC Hong Kong, adviser to the Foundation on governance, risk management and internal control matters

· EY, adviser to the Foundation on taxation and accountancy matters

· King & Wood Mallesons, one of Hong Kong’s top digital asset legal firms

· Blockbonds, a technology start-up that utilizes blockchain technology with the aim of helping “bank the unbanked”

· Trusted Key and Netki, two industry leaders in KYC

· Octagon Strategy, Asia’s largest digital asset OTC trading desk

It’s all chaired by William Barkshire — senior adviser to the OAX Foundation. As you’ll remember, William has held senior roles at major exchanges, post-trade services and alternative trading platforms in Asia, Europe, and the USA.

Together the members of the Working Group will help us develop a series of industry best practices in areas including compliance, KYC, the holding and security of funds, and other key areas. These best practices will be integrated into the ongoing development of the OAX Project, creating a strong platform that stands out for its transparency and governance standards.

William described the first meeting as “extremely productive…The group was very receptive, and engaged in a frank and honest dialogue about the challenges and opportunities they foresee. We will take that input and use it to further refine the project.”

We’re confident that the second meeting will be just as productive — check back here for an update on what was discussed!