Registration is important!

As the 29th of July inches closer, we noticed that many people have not completed their registration. In order for your tokens to be unlocked and available for transfer, you MUST register. If you have not done so, please go and register now at

The majority of contributors just need to provide an email address and ETH address for registration. Please watch the video for instructions on how to register.

The last day for registration is July 25. We stress that you complete your registration beforehand as there will likely be traffic on this date, potentially delaying the activation of your tokens.

If we require more documentation from you, we will contact you via email. These documents are also due on July 25. Please complete the initial step (providing email & ETH address) before the 25th so we have sufficient time to contact you. If you register on the last day and you are contacted for more documents, your token activation will be delayed!

After reviewing our data, we noticed that only 71% of OAX token holders have registered. If you have not registered, please do so as soon as possible. Follow the registration guide at

As previously stated, bounty participants do NOT need to register, and their tokens will be sent directly to their ETH address on or about the 29th.

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