The openANX Token Sale has Officially Closed!

The Sale is Closed!

The openANX team would like to thank all our backers and supporters for their assistance in making this sale such a success. As of close, the sale has sold 25,009,249.58 tokens and raised 52,246.28 ETH ($18,756,937 USD), a really outstanding effort!

In addition, we have had over 4,400 contributors help make this project a reality, with the majority of backers coming in with smaller amounts, allowing us to build a large, engaged community rather than a few “whales” dominating the supply. The average contribution size was 7.03 ETH and the vast majority of backers contributed once.

Direct Smart Contract Transactions, not including OSL and RenRenICO

We are keen to get working on new aspects of the project, including building a User Group” of exchanges, development and getting out to spread word of the project with the wider community.

We will shortly be releasing a “Post Sale User Guide” for people that will cover how to “activate their tokens”, which will be distributed via the website and announced via official social media channels.

Thanks again to everyone and stay tuned for more updates.

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