OAX Token Sale Closing

In just a couple of hours, the OAX Token Sale will be closing!

The team is proud to announce that we have reached our funding goal, allowing the Token Sale to be closed at an earlier-than-expected date. More than 24 million OAX tokens were sold, raising over $18 million USD.

The Token Sale started on June 22. In less than an hour, the soft cap of 13 million OAX was reached. The statistics show that the OAX Token Sale was the biggest Asia-based token sale in history, which you can read about here.

Rather than the amount of tokens sold or the money it raised, the team is actually happier with the amount of people who contributed to the Token Sale. Over 5,100 different purchases were made, and this diverse community is really what the project team was hoping for. So many people from so many different countries contributed to the token sale.

We’d like to thank our supporters and contributors once again. We would never have had this success without you all! Please remember that this is just the start of the openANX project. We’re not a “pump and dump” type of project. Our developers are hard at work on the openANX platform prototype, set to be released sometime in Q2 of 2018. We really appreciate our diverse community, and we will continue to work to make the project something that you can be proud of.

Go to www.openanx.org for additional announcements and project news!

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