How to set up an Ether Wallet and other Last Day Shenanigans

We’ve had a number of questions from the community about how to set up a non exchange wallet to handle Ether (ETH) in general, and more information about the launch specifically. One of our wonderful team put together a guide to help out.

Today has been great (but long) as the team worked hard to ensure everything is ready for the big day. We had some great help from our advisors today, and it really showed how much they bring to the table.

Jehan Chu, our ever industrious advisor, who’s done so much for us (in NYC, in China, Singapore and elsewhere) did back-to-back meetings in Singapore at Meetups and other venues to talk to people interested in what we want to do.

Jehan in his element

While across a wide ocean, Peter Smith, CEO and Founder of wrote a great blog post about why he’s involved in the project after sitting out of the whole “advisor” movement.

Working on decentralized exchange infrastructure with the OpenANX Foundation

On top of that, the dev, legal, marketing and other teams have been checking and rechecking things here or travelling for meetings and events, smiling all the while as they eat food out of plastic dishes.

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